I. Dissertation

Visual Poetics: Meaning Space from Mallarmé to Metalheart
Doctoral Thesis in Comparative Literature, Stanford University, 2004.

II. Recent Conference Papers

“5 Possible Machines of Truth and Knowledge” – on Digital Concept and Cultural Production in the Humboldt Forum project (Conference Paper for Digital Truth Making unpublished)

Paper delivered at: Digital Truth-Making: Ethnographic Perspectives on Practices, Infrastructures and Affordances of Truth-Making in Digital Societies 7-9 October 2020; 7th conference of the Section “Digitization in Everyday Life” of the German Association of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore Studies (dgv), Institute for European Ethnology & Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage (CARMAH), Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany)

“Double Humboldt: Thoughts on a Digital Twinning for the Humboldt Forum”, in Konferenzband EVA BERLIN 2018 Electronic Media and Visual Arts, Nov. 2018

Digitally Remastering Worldviews: some Tasks for a Semantic Web, in Addendum to the Konferenzband EVA BERLIN 2017 Electronic Media and Visual Arts, Nov. 2017

III. Articles in Books and Catalogues

„Visual Poetries: Some Palette Analysis for the Renegade Anthology“ in Renegade: a collection of international visual poetry & language arts , ed. Andrew Topel (San Diego University Press, in publication)

“Cut Paper Thinker – a few Thoughts with Klaus Peter Dencker”, in Klaus Peter Dencker, Visuelle Poesie II, Bibliothek der Provinz, 2016.

“Building Body – Two Treatments on Landing Site Theory”, in The Funambulist Papers: Vol. 2 Body ed. Léopold Lambert , Punctum Books, forthcoming May 2015

“Aucun Retour Possible: an Event Logic of the Avant-Garde”
Transferts, appropriations et fonctions de l’avant-garde, Cahiers de la Nouvelle Europe no. 16, L’Harmattan, 2012.

“Architecture and Poetic Efficacy: Part 1 Architectural Poetics”
in Architecture and Philosophy: new views on the work of Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Rodopi, 2010.

“Resources for a Poetics of Visual Poetry”
in Orientations: Space/Time/Image/Word (Word & Image Interactions no. 5) Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2005.

III. Articles in Journals

From Literary Device to Architectural Procedure: on Arakawa and Gins and the Becoming-Architecture of Literary Method, in the Journal of Poetics Research, Sept. 2015

“Who is an urbanist”
Estonian Urbanists’ Review, U 13 – The Berlin Issue, Feb. 2013

“Constructing Poesis: Storyboards for an Immersive Diagramming”
Inflexions: a Journal of Research Creation , no. 6: the Arakawa and Gins issue, Montreal, Jan. 2013

“L’Urbanisme n’existe pas: Situationist Critique and Radical Practice”
Maya: The Estonian Architectural Review, 2008.

“Visual Poetry: Writers’ Art in a Para-Literary Age”
Avain: The Finnish Review of Literature, eds. Mikkonen and Käkelä-Puumala, 2008.

“Form and Structure Reframed: a new ‘On the cult of the new in our century’”
translation-essay on a text by Asger Jorn in Crayon 5, ed. Andrew Levy, 2007.

“Making Dying Illegal”, review of the book by Madeline Gins and Arakawa
Crayon 5 , New York, ed. Andrew Levy, 2007.

IV. Journals edited

Procedures Journal – notes for a procedural architecture, eds. Alan Prohm and Jondi Keane, Jan. 2015 at proceduresjournal.com

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    oopskuma said:
    24/08/2019 at 12:52

    HI,I’m an architectural student in tokyo. And I am really interested in your research about the Arakawa and Gins ‘s theory. And I have read your article “Constructing Poesis: Storyboards for an Immersive Diagramming”several times. I think your diagram is very attractive. But I couldn’t understand it very clearly, so could please tell me more details about it. (Especially Fig. 17./Fig. 19. How do you quantify these senses?) I sincerely look forward to your reply, and my e-mail is yilexiong0101@gmail.com , Thanks a lot.

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