Slack Loom in Weimar


Slack Loom – event proposition – Senselab Affect-o-Meeting, Weimar 24-27 Aug 2017

Slack Loom Weimar – Action Plan for a Tension Economy was a Proposition offered and activated for the first European Hub event of the Senselab with Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, hosted at the IKKM (Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnik und Medienphilosophie) Bauhaus Universität Weimar, from 24-27 August 2017. The Slack Loom supplied embodiable metaphorics for thinking and living tension as a constructive value in a non-transactional, participatory, implication-based economy.

Processual Operator for coding a Tension Economy:

Objects, under the common constraint of leaving maximum emptiness between them, cross to each other and catch.

Slack Loom Weimar is a pre-acceleration of Slack Loom Kreuzberg Urban Furniture Hack – a submission for the Hacking Urban Furniture idea competition at ZKU (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) in Berlin, decision December 2017.


The Affect-o-Meeting in Weimar, Germany, (August 24-27 2017)

As part of our ongoing alter-economy project, the SenseLab European Hub came together in Weimar, Germany to explore core concepts and develop digital tools. The alter-economic platform, the 3 Ecologies Seed Bank, is conceived as a self-organizing creative process engine coupled with a self-sustaining cryptocurrency economy supporting an autonomous alter-university dedicated to thought in the act. The proposition is to run the projects on their own affective momentum. To do this, it is necessary to register affective intensity as it plays out collectively, and use it to create positive feedback effects moving the creative process forward. How can we build an « affect-o-meter » for this purpose? Can the collective registering of affective intensity form part of a self-organizing decision-making process? How can we invent « processual operators » that add an element of surprise and contingency to online interactions that help crystallize collective creative energies?

We would like to thank IKKM (International Research Institute for Cultural Technologies and Media Philosophy) for their generous support.

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