Kosmograf Media Tower

Humboldt Forum Media Tower KOSMOGRAF 25m 360° LED – Foto: Stiftung Humboldt Forum

Content strategy, creative direction and project management on the project of a 25m high LED media tower in the central foyer of the Humboldt Forum. Idea and design for the LED structure by Holzer Kobler Architekturen. Initial content concept for the media tower delivered with the Humboldt Forum Media Concept of 2016 – project delivered for the digital opening 16.12.2020, with an initial content program of announcements and curated artworks, plus operations software and interface for scheduling and controlling content, ready for launch with the physical opening 20.07.2021.

Working closely with Ali Hossaini, who provided a brand concept in 2018 and vital guidance on the technical implementation. Animations by Rafael Calleja, Ali Hossaini, Lucius Fekonja and Felix Rasehorn, Jessica Palmer and Chloê Langehorn, Ansgar Bloyinski, and Andreas König of the Humboldt Forum digital department; generative artworks by Artificial Rome and schnellebuntebilder. Video hardware planning, programming and implementation by Intermediate Engineering.

Artwork 1 “Wechselspiel“ generative Unity application by Artificial Rome – https://vimeo.com/716354512

Schwarm or “+Panic“ generative VVVV application by Schnellebuntebilder https://vimeo.com/644838753

Artworks and Announcements for the Media Tower / Kosmograf – Unity Simulator environment

Going live behind the scenes at the digital opening:

Up and running for the public from 20 July 2021

Photo: Alan Prohm