Artist – Theorist – Educator

wen bubble bw

Berlin-based artist-theorist-educator, PhD in Comparative Literature from Stanford University (2004), specialized in the history and theory of intermediality, cognitive aesthetics and reception theory and  experimental poetics (modern & contemporary American, French and German)

PROFESSIONAL CONCEPT DESIGN and artistic direction for interactive digital media – specializing in immersive formats and exhibitions.

Current Design Work: Digital Concept and Coordination for the HUMBOLDT FORUM, world culture forum under construction in the rebuilt Berlin City Palace, due open: 2020

TEACHING AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT in interdisciplinary arts, design and humanities programs internationally.

Recent Teaching: Interdisciplinary theory-practice seminars in the studies program Vielfalt der Wissensformen (Diversity of Knowledge Forms) – Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik – Humboldt University, Berlin

2018/19 – Attention: Interdisciplinary Takes on an Endangered Resource

2017/18 – Visualising Mind: Thoughts on the Visualization of Thinking

2015-17 – Spatial arts and architecture theory at the Institute for Architecture-related Art – Department of Architecture and Environmental Sciences at the Technical University of Braunschweig, with Temporary Professor Tomás Saraceno



Professor Pear says it all with his famous quote:

“If the discovery of the psychological nature of meaning were completely successful, it might put an end to psychology  altogether.”

(Ogden & Richards, The Meaning of Meaning, 1923.)


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